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Not knowing the difference, I bought all three: this Hanes short, along with a Fruit of the Loom, and a Soffee - just to find out which was best.  All three are very similar.  I bought a size smaller than I would for pants due to the stretchy waistband.  I like the fit on all 3 very much and am glad I went smaller!  I don't like baggy stuff.  The Hanes is certainly acceptable, but I preferred the Fruit of the Loom for deeper pockets, and the Soffee for both deeper pockets and a more sturdy fabric.  All three are fine for lounging or gym work.
   Tony Junior
Different waist band but all in all a good comfortable buy.
   Ken Carney
Very soft.  Ugly color, but the baby's gonna poop on it anyway.
   Claude Pierre
The case works pretty well, but the case takes a good little while for it to fully charge.
   Alex Halliwell
A small fit my boyfriend perfectly (he's about 5'9 and 145 lbs). He loves it!
   Златомир Иванов

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