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Porsche Design Dashboard P'6612 6612.14.40.1139 watches price


Porsche Design Dashboard P'6612 6612.14.40.1139 watches price

Despite all of these exciting Porsche Design Dashboard P'6612 6612.14.40.113 features, it's still difficult for those who want it: the name of the new timepiece - the 911 Turbo S exclusive series timepiece - suggests that it's strictly limited to 500 pieces and is only available to future owners. 911 Turbo S exclusive series sports car. With a top speed of 330kph, the watch will be the most powerful 911 Turbo OS ever. As part of the concept of "Porsche Design", the table combines the typical features and unique advanced features of the Porsche Design table. High end customized Porsche made by the exclusive manufacturer of Porsche. Six different tones are available to match the car paint options. The 911 Turbo S exclusive series even inspired the strap, which is made of the original seat leather.

Its seams are even sewn with the same thread. Porsche design the Porsche 911 Turbo S exclusive range comes with two belts and a titanium watch strap, including a Porsche Design Tool for adjusting length and further details including bold perforations in the car seats. Porsche design has been the greatest sports car in the world for 70 years. It has specially built a timepiece for members of the Porsche Club (PCA): 70Y sportwagen PCA best swiss replica watches timepiece.

The timepiece, which uses the company's first ever movement, is at the top of the clock's production, comparable to the top sports car designed by Porsche. The unique watch rotor in the shape of forged alloy wheel hub of Porsche Fuchs is a bright spot in the world and the world's first.

Porsche design incorporates some of the most iconic design elements and materials into this masterpiece, which is synonymous with the history of Porsche and PCA. It is strictly limited to 70 timepieces around the world. It pays tribute not only to the enthusiasm, commitment and friendship of PCA members, but also to the legendary Chronograph L. Sports, dynamic, indomitable spirit. This is a timepiece reflecting the essence of real Porsche luxury of watches.

Founded in 1955, PCA is the oldest and largest Porsche enthusiast community in Washington, with 130000 members in 145 different regions of North America. Porschedesign adheres to a clear design concept: optimizing functions. Stick to the point. Challenge familiar people to continually discover new and outstanding solutions. In this way, we can create unique design objects with the highest performance and service life. Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, the founder of Porsche Design, took this vision when he created the legendary Porsche 911 in 1963. This is the principle that Porsche Design has been following since 1972.

This is the first proprietary movement designed by Porsche. It has flyback function, optimized the load path of the movement bridge and obtained COSC certification. It is the crystallization of three years of development and the most advanced manufacturing technology. The traditional timekeeper records continuous events by three continuous actions on the button, and the werk 01.200 can automatically execute these three processes in a fast and continuous manner. In stopwatch mode, continuous events are more efficient. A revolution: a top chord rotor developed for PCA members echoes the legendary Porsche 911's fuchsforge aluminum hub, like a six cylinder engine.Porsche Design Watch Replicas

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